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Client Testimonials

As many teenagers do, my son was recently charged with Possession and Paraphernalia of marijuana. Because my son was eighteen, it made the case more complicated in that he was legally and adult even though he was still in high school.

Not really knowing what to do, I contacted the Allegheny Bar Association and received a recommendation to contact Justin as he was an expert in these types of cases. I contacted Jason and he set up our first meeting with my son. Justin was very clear with my son about the seriousness of the charges and told him specifically what he needed to do if he wanted the charges reduced or dropped. He specifically told him that he would have to enroll in a drug treatment program that would on a weekly basis check for any drugs in his system and counsel him. This was approximately 5-6 weeks before the hearing. My son did his part and followed Justin’s instructions to a tee.

When the hearing date arrived, my son and I were still very nervous about the potential outcome. My son had just been accepted to a prestigious college program and having one big mistake like this happen could ruin his future. Justin was able to meet with the arresting officer outside the hearing room and work out a plea bargain whereby the Possession and Paraphernalia charges were reduced to Disorderly Conduct. We had to pay court costs but walked out of the court room with a huge sigh of relief.

We can’t thank Justin enough for what he did for us. He truly understands that young people make stupid mistakes but that should not define who they are for the rest of their lives. Lastly, Justin did one other thing for us and that was to get the initial charges expunged from my son’s record so that it doesn’t stay on his record when he is out of college looking for work.

My son is off to college next week and he is very aware that he is one lucky guy!


Mr, Ketchel handled my case, which began in March of 2012, with diligence and swift assertiveness. Justin was referred to me through a friend and I carry his business card in my wallet to this day and would have no reservations in recommending his services to my own family and friends. Mr. Ketchel was a consummate professional with regards to handling my case with sensitivity and attention to detail. In our first consultation he established a time-table and outlined the course of action that we would take over the duration of my case — this was something that provided peace of mind and assurance to me that my case was being handled by an experienced and knowledgeable professional.

Justin was very comfortable in both the office consultations and courtroom sessions that we shared and he is well respected by his peers, which was evident in all of our interactions in the courtroom. Mr. Ketchel was able to navigate my case with ease and confidence which, ultimately, ensured a most positive outcome for me. I am confident that Justin Ketchel would be an asset to any group or individual seeking his services and I would not hesitate to work with him should the need ever arise again.


I have known Justin for approximately a year now and contacted him to represent me for a DUI charge that I received last May. I wasn’t too familiar with the judicial process prior to this charge so I feel very blessed to have had Justin’s help. He was very good at explaining everything throughout the process and helped me get into the ARD program so I could work towards getting the charges off of my record. If his resume isn’t enough, I would recommend him to almost anyone in need of an attorney that is undergoing trouble with the law because of his experience and ability to clarify answers to any questions you may have. He’s very trustworthy, down to earth and talks to his clients at a personal level so it makes this complicated process a whole lot easier to understand.


To Whom It May Concern,

I have known Justin for approximately one year.

Unfortunately, last May 14, 2012, my son Greg was in a very serious car accident.

He almost lost his life and as a result of the crash, he had a broken leg and a laceration that extended from the knee to the ankle.

Fortunately, he had a gifted surgeon who literally saved Greg’s leg.

Greg was charged with a DUI, so we consulted Justin.

Justin has been very supportive and genuinely concerned about Greg’s well-being.

He represented Greg and was largely responsible for Greg to be able to participate in the ARD program in Allegheny County.

This allows Greg to attend classes concerning the DUI and in the near future, he has the gift of “a clean slate”.

We are so blessed to have allowed Justin to help our family, and I would gladly refer him to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.

Thank-you for your time.


Mary Lynne

We met Attorney Justin Ketchel approximately a couple of months ago. My son and I had a letter from him offering his services to assist us with a case that my son was encountering. It was a real case to say the least full of some really nasty criminal charges. Justin Kechel never flinched from the beginning. He was in control of the situation from the start and the amount of confidence that he demonstrated simply left our family feel at ease in spite of it all. Justin Ketchel is a very knowledgeable lawyer. He consistently kept us informed step by step as to everything that occurred. He is responsive and trustworthy . He is worth every dollar that we paid him. Anyone that can take a case of seven really bad charges and bring closure to that case with just one summary offense is either brilliant or nothing short of a miracle worker. I can sit here and tell you one thing and that is that Justin Ketchel will be my families attorney from this point on. We are highly inspired by him and we have a horrendous amount of confidence in him. He is stellar.

– Brenda