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Underage Drinking Lawyer in Pennsylvania

As experienced defense attorneys in Pittsburgh, PA, Justin Ketchel Law helps people understand their rights and take action against the legal system if they have been cited for any of the following:

  • Possession of Alcohol While Underage
  • Consumption of Alcohol While Underage
  • Purchasing or attempting to Purchase Alcohol While Underage
  • Underage DUI

If you or your son or daughter has been arrested or charged with underage drinking or possession of alcohol there are several things you should know about your legal rights and how an underage drinking citation in Pennsylvania can impact your future or the future of your teenage son or daughter.

Depending on whether or not there was also a DUI involved, very serious penalties could apply, such as a maximum $5,000 fine and license suspension of up to one year. You will want to consult with an experienced Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer.

Pennsylvania has a “zero tolerance” policy when it comes to underage drinking and driving, meaning that the slightest trace of alcohol, or possession of alcohol, can send a kid’s future on a downward spiral. Read more about DUI Penalties in PA.

In addition to fines and driver’s license suspension, an underage drinking conviction could potentially harm a person’s pick of college or make it difficult for them to obtain employment in the future. What may seem like harmless fun and not that big of a deal could make a very negative impact on future prospects. Not to mention a license suspension would negatively impact the present – not having a driver’s license makes it difficult to get to an after-school job, sports practice and other important extra curricular activities.

A simple underage drinking conviction means you face a mandatory license suspension and a maximum fine of $500.

But an underage drinking citation is NOT a conviction. Just because you were arrested doesn’t mean you are guilty.

You have rights and a good Pittsburgh Defense Attorney can help you understand those rights, protect them and help you avoid paying hefty fines and accepting penalties.

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At Justin Ketchel Law, we understand that accidents and miscommunications are a big part of why people are arrested. It is our job to clear up these miscommunications in an attempt to lower fines and punishment and, if possible, have the case dismissed altogether.


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Underage Drinking Penalties and Consequences in Pennsylvania

As you are probably aware, in Pennsylvania it is illegal to consume alcohol if you are under the legal age limit of 21. Depending on the circumstances in which you or your child was charged with underage drinking, penalties could be harsh. For instance, if you were arrested for underage drinking while DUI, you face a mandatory license suspension and fees of up to $5,000, even if this was a first offense DUI.

Underage Drinking, First Offense:

  • A maximum fine of $500 for a first offense;
  • Automatic license suspension of 90 days*;
  • Increased automobile insurance payments;
  • Difficulty when applying to Universities;
  • Difficulty seeking employment

*Note: If you or your child does not have a driver’s license, they will be prohibited from applying for a permit for the same amount of time the license would have been suspended.

Underage Drinking, Second Offense:

  • A maximum fine of $1,000;
  • Automatic license suspension of one year;
  • Increased automobile insurance;
  • Difficulty when applying to Universities;
  • Difficulty seeking employment

Underage Drinking, Third and Subsequent Offenses:

  • A maximum fine of $1,000;
  • Automatic license suspension of two years;
  • Increased automobile insurance;
  • Difficulty when applying to Universities;
  • Difficulty seeking employment


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Underage Drinking Penalties while DUI in Pennsylvania

If you are underage and are convicted of a DUI, you face some of the toughest DUI penalties and fines in Pennsylvania.

Underage DUI Penalties include:

  • A misdemeanor conviction
  • 48 consecutive hours minimum imprisonment and no more than six months maximum
  • $500 to $5,000 fine
  • 12 month license suspension
  • Attend Alcohol Highway Safety School
  • Mandatory Treatment
  • Pending CRN, full assessment and compliance with D&A treatment as part of sentencing

Why Call a Defense Attorney for Underage Drinking

An excellent defense attorney who knows how to navigate the legal system can be of great help to anyone who feels his or her rights were violated and doesn’t want a criminal record to affect their future. Many underage drinking cases never go to trial but are settled by plea bargains through experienced attorneys. It is in your best interest to ask for a hearing rather than accept the guilty plea.

If you or your child has already been convicted of underage drinking and you would like to appeal the conviction, you only have 30 days from the receipt of the notice to do so. Please contact Justin Ketchel Law today for a free consultation.

At Justin Ketchel Law we investigate every aspect of a case to determine if there was reasonable suspicion or probable cause for an arrest. If the police do not do their job following strict protocol, oftentimes evidence can be suppressed and cases can be dismissed completely. We examine every detail to build a strong defense.

There are alternatives and diversion programs that may be possible to be accepted into, especially for first-time offenders. These programs may require community service or attending classes. You or your child may also qualify for an Occupational Limited License (OLL), which allows for driving to work-related activities.

For a first-time underage DUI in Pennsylvania, there is the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program, which removes the DUI conviction from your criminal record. However, you will need an experienced DUI lawyer who can aggressively pursue eligibility into this program for you.


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