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Pennsylvania ARD Program

For first-time DUI arrests in Pennsylvania, it is possible to be accepted into the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program, which is a much better consequence for a DUI arrest than a criminal conviction. For starters, being accepted into this program removes the DUI from your record, so you will have a clean criminal record.

The ARD program is only for first-time DUI offenders and admission to ARD is at the sole discretion of the District Attorney’s Office.

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What happens if I am accepted into Pennsylvania’s ARD Program?

If you meet all of the qualifications and the District Attorney’s Office accepts you into the ARD program, you are mandated to attend Alcohol Highway Safety School, attend meetings, and pay any court ordered restitution. Additional requirements may be mandated depending on your specific case.

If you do not comply with the requirements of the Pennsylvania ARD program, the district attorney can have you removed and you will face your original DUI charges.

The upside of being accepted into ARD is that you will have the DUI expunged from your record and the charges dismissed.

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